Development Permit Process
1. Apply for a development permit from Village Office. Cost $25.00 if application is received within 2 weeks prior to start date.
      • Must provide a site plan, with proper setbacks according to Land Use By-law.
      • All information must be completed on application in order for it to be considered for approval.
      • New construction may have other applicable fees attached such as: Water Meter $500.00
2. Await written approval of development permit from Village of Linden.
      • If a decision is not made on a development permit within 40 days, the applicant may deem it to be refused.
      • No construction may be started without written approval or a stop work order may be issued.
      • Development permit does not come into effect until 14 days after the decision is communicated.
      • Any development proceeded with by the applicant prior to the expiry of this period is done at the risk of the applicant.
3. If a development is not started within 12 months from the date of issue, the permit is deemed to be void, unless the Development Officer/Municipal Planning Commission has granted an extension.
4. Appeals may be received up to 14 days after a decision has been received by the applicant.
5. Development Permits are contingent on Building Permit approvals from Palliser Regional Municipal Services for which forms may be filled out, and sent along with permit fees (and 2 sets of blueprints).
If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please check the Municipal Affairs website.