Rural Renewal Stream

The Rural Renewal Stream is an initiative to attract and retain newcomers to rural Albertan communities to drive economic and community growth.

The Village of Linden joined the Rural Renewal Stream as a Partner Community under the Town of Trochu’s Community Designation in 2023.

What does this mean for Linden?
Businesses in Linden (and surrounding area in approximately a 5-kilometer vicinity) can apply to become an Approved Business to take part in the program. Businesses can advocate for chosen Candidates to work for their company to fill positions that have not been filled in the local community.

For more information:

Call the Office at 403-546-3888

See Business and Candidate Application Forms


*Please note that the Village of Linden will not accept Candidate Application Forms from individuals, Approved Businesses must bring forth Candidate Application Forms to be considered for the Program.