Who needs a business license?

Unless otherwise provincially or federally exempt, any business trade, profession, industry occupation or anyone providing goods and service in the Village of Linden is required to hold a valid Village of Linden business license.


All home based businesses need approval from the Development Offier and/or the Municipal Planning Commission.


What are the steps in getting a business license?

  1. Check with the Village of Linden to determine if your proposed business and location are approved under the existing Land Use Bylaw 2012-04 – view PDF
  2. Complete the necessary Development Process – find out more here
  3. Print your business License Application, or stop at the Village Office to pick up one – view PDF
  4. Submit your completed application to the Village of Linden for Approval.
  5. Once you receive approval, you can begin operating your business.



Rates & Fees

In Village Business License    $25.00

Hawkers-Peddlers Business License     $50.00

Not for Profit     no charge.