Phone: 403-546-3888

Upcoming Events

  • May 23-Council Meeting @ 7:00pm at Village Office.  Public welcome.
  • May 22-26  Public Works Week
  • June 2-Hazardous Waste Round Up @ Kneehill Soil 8am-5pm
  • June 3-LINDEN SPORTS DAY-Theme: Canada 150
  • June 5-11  Seniors Week

Tree Clean Up Info:
We are currently dealing with emergent tree issues.

If you have broken, damaged trees within your property please contact the following companies for assistance:

-For Trees (403) 335-8965
-Through the Grapevine (587) 580-8955
-D&R Landscaping (403) 546-4065
-Dustin Wilson Tree Removal (587) 891-9128

If you are looking for assistance from volunteers check social media as a few great residents have offered to help others.


Service Requests